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The World is Improving, One Individual at a Time.

Where Did The Invisible Majority Come From?

Every single day people volunteer, comfort one another, engineer leaps in efficiency, search for cures, stand up for what they believe in, and show kindness to strangers. These daily actions have created a better, kinder present.

Unfortunately, our media is too often usurped by extremists, fearmongers, and fundamentalists. With advancements in the way we communicate and interact, it is easy to misinform and spread false conceptions as facts.

These people can only thrive if we, the majority, are silent. It is our responsibility to guide the narrative.

EARTHCIRCL.ES aims to elevate these realities to the forefront of conversation.

Who Is In This Video?

The Invisible Majority represents those of us who are doing the work that is slowly improving the world around us - from lifestyle decisions to career intentions.

This video features a few of these individuals. We met them on the streets of New York City on an Autumn afternoon. They weren't hard to find. They are everywhere. They are everyone - parents, musicians, Jewish-Americans, world-citizens, engineers, Germans... the list is endless.

Why Is This Important?

This isn't a project for a non-profit, a corporation, or a brand. It is about each individual's outlook. Our perspective has a direct impact on how we engage and improve our businesses, relationships, and communities.

What Can I Do?

It is our responsibility to utilize the tools of the 21st century. Speak up!

Tell us who you are using the box to the left, spread the message, and continue to be part of the change. It is happening; now let's guide the conversation.

What Is That Great Music? speaker

That's an instrumental of Love Left In Me by the talented Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind. We asked Joe for a quick stament regarding his involvement in the project:

After seeing raw footage of The Invisible Majority, I immediately wanted to be involved. Its intelligent and humanistic characteristics matched the qualities I try to instill in the music I make. In fact, despite the different mediums, I feel The Invisible Majority and I reach for the same goal: harmony.